oVice 4 Values

oVice 4 ValuesRecommend StanceStandard
Be Professional
Be proud of your work and act - Have confidence and pride in what you are doing. - Do your best on the issue and choose the option that moves forward the fastest. - Understand your limitations and work together to do what you can't do. - Disagree But Commit (Once you decide, don't hesitate to do it)
1  Fulfilled the role and scope entrusted to me 2 I was able to move more than 100% within the role and scope I was assigned. 3 I was able to make the best decisions and fulfill my expectations while learning from them. 4 I was able to make the best decisions and carry out tasks outside the scope of my responsibilities in order to grow the business. 5 We were able to make and execute the best decisions to create a discontinuous impact while winding down the functions necessary for oVice's business growth
Do It Anyway
If you are not sure whether you should do something or not, then do it - It's better to try and fail. - Let’s get it done” attitude - If youI can't take responsibility, I'll find someone who can. - Don't be concerned about policies and methodologies
1 I'm able to "try it first. 2 I left it to myself or others to carry out the necessary actions. 3 We were able to solve the critical issues ahead of time. 4 The project was carried out in the shortest possible time, regardless of methodologies and measures. 5 With hypotheses and tests, we were able to move forward with the project as quickly as possible and reflect the learning to the organization.
Positive Communication
Let’s create positive communication to make users and members happy and positive - Thinking on the premise that "it can be done - Provide a "fun" experience as part of the product - Create a good relationship to ensure good communication. - Realize communication that is driven by "fun. - Be Positive and move
1 Worked positively on goals and was able to accurately convey the information required by users and internal members. 2 Proactively worked on team goals and communicated information required by users and internal members ahead of time. 3 Through my work, I was able to provide an enjoyable experience for users and company members. 4 We were able to provide an experience that pleased our users and internal members. 5 We were able to provide a moving experience for internal and external stakeholders.
Generating big impact with team members - Produce output that cannot be produced by one person while involving others appropriately. - Return the results and impact created to the team for the "next success. - Because of the impact it will have, we will move forward as a team.
1 I was able to perform as a member of a team. 2 I was able to work as a team and involve the right people. 3 I was able to produce output that I could not produce alone while involving the right people. 4 Involved the right people, both inside and outside the company, to make a big impact and give back to the team 5 Involved the best people, both inside and outside the company, and made a big impact