ovice Careers 🌍
ovice Careers 🌍

ovice Careers 🌍

This page introduces the MVV(Mission-Vision-Value), our service and working style of oVice, a company that provides a 2-D virtual spaces for contingent online communication and collaboration.


1. Mission:Eliminate physical constraints from people's lives

We are in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic, living in a world where it's becoming harder to meet people, visit new places, and even find opportunities. Through implementing the concept of virtual 'space' and 'distance', and integrating natural digital information, people's lives will be free from physical constraints.

2. Vision:Increase what you can do with remote communication

oVice replicates natural human approaches in an online environment. Starting with virtual 'standing/water-cooler conversations', oVice supports a wide range of applications like Happy Hours, conference meetings, and business management. By increasing the number of options for how to live (work), we can realize a free and enjoyable way of life (work) that suits us. In order to realize such a society, we provide virtual space systems to the world.

3. Values


At oVice, we have four core values to help us in achieving our mission

  • Do It Anyway If you are not sure whether you should do something or not, then do it
  • Be Professional Be proud of your work and act
  • Positive Communication Create positive communication to make users and members happy and positive
  • 1+1>2 Generate big impact with team members

More details, including recommended actions based on the Values, are summarized here.

oVice 4 Values

4. Service

What’s oVice?

oVice is on a mission to humanize online communications for natural interactions. We help you coordinate meetups and real-time collaboration in a virtual world. Born on the web, manage remote teams, events, online classes, communities, and even an entire company in one space.

oVice has been expanding and growing month over month since our launch in August 2020. Although based in Japan, our team is global and we work fully remote. We’re looking for talented people who are keen on using new technology to elevate how people interact online.

Service Concept 「Virtual Real Estate」

We are providing a comfortable space, not a comfortable calling environment. If users want to create a personal space of their own, oVice considers it a real estate business that provides a suiting comfortable space. Because it's virtual, it's possible to reproduce daily life habits without a hassle. If you connect the floors, you can create an office, and by connecting offices together, it will end up as a building. Why not even create a whole city with connecting multiple buildings!

Use Cases
Used by More Than 2,000 Companies and Organizations
Used by More Than 2,000 Companies and Organizations

5. Workstyle

  • We are a fully remote team, distributed among multiple countries. Our members mainly reside in the following time zones🌏
    • UTC-8 ~ UTC-5 (United States)
    • UTC ~ UTC+2 (Europe, North Africa)
    • UTC+8 ~ UTC+10 (Asia Pacific)
  • We work from anywhere in the world with a comfortable communication environment. oVice's tour page is where we work, so please feel free to take a look around! 💪

6. Members


At oVice, we have members with many diverse backgrounds and experiences at oVice working towards achieving our mission.

We have a total of 150 employees globally, based in Japan, Korea, the U.S., Tunisia, Vietnam, and other countries.

oVice Members

more info (Interview Contents)

oVice Members Interview

7. Open Positions

We need colleagues who can compete globally in order to realize various initiatives as quickly as possible, such as overseas expansion, investment in technology to accommodate hybrid work arrangements, and marketplace through API collaboration.


oVice offers various ways to communicate with applicants.

🏢 Casual interview

For those interested in knowing more about oVice or want to hear from our current members, we have a space where you can have an interview with our team.

👉 Please access the application form here

🏢 oVice Tour

Team members meet daily and work at our Demo space, so feel free to stop by!

8. More info

oVice Blog

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